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The Risen Realm goes back a few years. More specifically, it pretty much started in the year 2000. At this time, this site was a totally different thing. It wasn't even named The Risen Realm. It was called The Final Realm, and lacked a lot of content. For one thing, it only had a few links, and they were really of no use to anyone. The first version was dark and black. An intro greeted the user upon entrance. The Final Realm was a personal site completely. Updates came not too often, and well, it plainly sucked. But, it did have free email, offered by ZapZone. The site also had a nifty Internet Amp, that played crappy MIDI music.

Then came version 2. It still had the corny intro, but the layout inside was white (but still black and white in general). A small games section (with only 2 games compared to my old old game site which contained about 40 games) was included here (games I didn't make, note). Once again, email was happily available for sign up. I also made my Matrix fan site available, named an unimaginative XMatrix.

Version 3 was out! It was hosted on Geocities for sure, for one thing, it's still online. Only thing new here was a browser start page for IE, that no longer works. Nothing amazing about version 3.

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