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The Liberian Democratic Future (LDF) is a group of Liberians from different ethnic backgrounds, genders, religious beliefs and political persuasions who are dedicated to pluralistic , democratic Liberia. The Liberian Democratic Future has great passion for democracy, peace with justice and equal opportunity for all Liberians, which are not only necessary but in deed critically imperative if we are to transcend the wounds and deep division of our civil conflict. In recognition of this national need, LDF has decided to launch a medium of dialogue - The Perspective.

As a unique upscale newsmagazine, The Perspective is significantly different from other Liberian publications. Rather than dance around the problems, The Perspective will confront the issues head on by concentrating on telling the truth, exposing the root causes, underlining contributing factors and identifying the class divisions which are the undercurrent of the various problems in Liberia. Above all else , we will advance what we consider as appropriate paradigms or solutions for those problems.

No doubt, this bold new approach will be controversial since it will directly tackle the Liberian issues and tread into areas of our national life in which we are uncomfortable to discuss publicly. By orientation Liberians are inhibited from expressing views and feelings regarding our political and economic inequities, which have bred a massive social underclass of elephantine proportions with all its attendant social ills in a country with considerable natural resources.

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The Perspective
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