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An archive of funny, interesting, exceptional and unique images, videos, websites, and anything "Nifty".



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The Nifty Files is a humor website presented in Blog format, updated daily with images, videos, and the like that the author (Parrot) has found to be funny or in some other way exceptional. (In other words, "Nifty"). Photos and scans are often taken by the author himself, however submissions are also accepted, and often the entry will refer to a cache of another website.

The website has recently been re-designed, re-programmed, and re-initiated after being targeted by hackers. It returned back to full functionality near the beginning of July. Much of the daily content is new, older content from the previous iteration will likely make it into future updates.

The website seems to no longer contain a forum or newsletter, there is no word as to whether those features will be returning.

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