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TheLottoSite, lottery wheeling systems for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Uk Lotto, etc.


TheLottoSite is the best and more powerful tool for building lotto wheels. Lotto wheels improves your chances of winning lotto games by arranging the numbers you choose in a clever way, following advanced mathematical theories.

Preconfigured with several popular lottery games like Euro Milhões, Totoloto, Loto2, also allows you to define and insert to the lotteries' database your own games, by supplying only a few parameters.

TheLottoSite was carefully designed to be very easy to use and you don't need to install anything in your computer! You only have to use your browser.

TheLottoSite allows you to:

  1. configure different types of lotto games
  2. create new wheels, with or without filters
  3. print the wheels directly on the tickets
  4. use a complete set of statistics
  5. check the drawings result
  6. verify the results and prizes







Additional Information

It contains drawings and statistical information for several games, eg:

  1. Euromillions, Euromilhões, Euromillones (EU)
  2. Powerball (US)
  3. Mega Millions (US)
  4. Totoloto (PT)
  5. Loto2 (PT)
  6. La Primitiva (ES)
  7. Bonoloto (ES)
  8. Mega Sena (BR)

It also allows the printing of tickets with your own printer, saving hours of work.

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