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Going online has become a necessity for businesses, the media in particular, expecting to progress to the next millennium. Recent development in Indonesia shows that the Web is the future of news and information as evidenced by the increasing number of media publications available over the Internet.

As the largest English newspaper in Indonesia, The Jakarta Post has anticipated this trend and has dedicated a considerable amount of time and resources to preparing its website. We are proud to announce that the online version of our newspaper is now vailable on the Web. The Jakarta is more than just an extension of The Jakarta Post daily newspaper. As the name suggests, it also offers breaking news and a wealth of information on Indonesia. By providing up-to-date, in-depth accurate information and analyses, The Jakarta aspires to be a one-stop reference point on Indonesia that will serve both local and international audiences.

The Journal is a special, free-of-charge version of The Jakarta Post. Having in mind an international audience interested in events taking place in Indonesia, this online version of the newspaper – The Jakarta – carries local stories that appear in the printed edition, and more. To meet public demand for real-time news, The Jakarta has news flashes which are updated as each story develops, as well as stock updates and the daily rupiah market rate.

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