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FastMarkets Ltd was founded in October 1999 initially under the name of and in May 2000, we launched This portal for the precious metals trading community has grown strongly in usage and reputation and is now widely regarded in the dealing community as possibly the single most influential bullion website. is the only bullion website providing a live streaming precious metals price feed plus a host of advanced features such as DIY technical charting, page customisation, SMS alerts on price levels being triggered and a streamlined mobile version of the site suitable for mobile phones, blackberry’s and PDAs.

In 2004, the Directors decided to replicate the business model of into a parallel market – the base metals sector. The technical architecture underpinning the website remained largely unchanged, the news aggregation was largely the same but it required two important additions. Firstly, expert market commentary/analysis to beef-up the news offering and secondly it required a data feed from the London Metal Exchange. Both have now been added. The LME data feed proved difficult initially but now that we have successfully implemented it, it represents a significant USP over most web rivals, providing a faster service, a more secure feed and one that we can make enhancements to quite rapidly.

Formerly a main board Director of Reuters Group plc, and Chief Executive of Reuters Information, its largest division, in charge of all news reporting and financial data services. He brings to TheBullionDesk a strong record in driving revenue and profit growth in financial markets.

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