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In 1993, Andrew and I first met. We were both living in Moore-Hill Residence Hall at the University of Texas at Austin. I was his Resident Assistant and was dreaming about being the next Elvis Presley. Andrew was a computer geek. Wow! Things haven't changed much. Years past and we became good friends.

In 1997, my last rock band finally broke up. So I started learning how to play the autoharp and writing a lot more songs. Several months later I quit my day job and decided to record an album-Ichabod's Geography (I was a Geography major in college).

Knowing that Andrew played some musical instruments I invited him to come play on my CD. He recorded a track with the recorder on "Lounging in La-La Land", my one semi-Celtic sounding song. Not having much success promoting an album and also having some decided flaws in my own performance on the CD, the album disappeared. Several months later, I started working at the UT Austin again.

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Mage Records
Austin Texas
United States 78765

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