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The American Enterprise is unlike any publication you've ever read. We provide firsthand information and essential data that give you the power to make your own decisions. You'll quickly understand—as never before—national and international developments, business conditions, and social trends in your community. Instead of stuffy writers telling you what to think, you'll examine bright, breezy articles, clear charts and graphs, and powerful illustrations that let you build your arguments and form your ideas.

We're fiercely independent, and believe our readers are too. As you can see, we gather the best and brightest writers and thinkers—from wherever. We don't have a party line—just a requirement for non-wishy-washy, tightly reasoned, bravely honest arguments. We believe that being well-informed is more important than being proselytized. That may be why more than 2,000 of the nation's most influential print and broadcast journalists receive The American Enterprise. (They examine our articles to help them write theirs, shhh…)

Thousands of conservative activists, local leaders, congressmen, state and federal judges, writers, researchers, military officers, and business executives read us… Lots of non-conservative readers enjoy and respect us too (sometimes with one eyebrow raised). Mostly it's just smart everyday Americans who subscribe—people who want to know what lies ahead in the national terrain, before it hits them in the forehead one morning at home or in the office. People who believe ideas have consequences. People who know that truth and greater knowledge almost always win out at the end of the day, in personal and cultural contests. People who believe that thinking and arguing at full-blast is fun.

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