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We began as a small family owned and operated organic farm located in the Texas Hill Country in 1996. Our interest in food and cooking led to the development of Terra Verde Farms' gourmet specialty foods. While many conventional commercial farmers stress uniformity of size and appearance, we emphasize flavor. "Beauty is skin deep, but flavor goes all the way to the taste buds." The intense flavors of the organic produce we use to grow are incorporated in each of our specialty foods.

Gourmet Magazine featured us in their April 2004 issue. They said our products "are natural, taste fresh and be careful you will eat them straight from the jar". Our artisan foods enable you to close your eyes and remember Grandma's Peach Cobblers, Aunt Annie's Wild Plum Preserves, or that juicy, plump, fresh picked blackberry you snuck into your mouth instead of putting in your pail.

Terra Verde Farms' gourmet products are true artisan foods, handmade in small batches from our recipes. Minimal sugar or other sweeteners are added to our products. Several have no sweetener added at all. We only use natural ingredients… no artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives. Fresh ginger, lemon, peppers, onion, garlic, and the finest quality fresh and dried herbs are incorporated into our foods. The tomatoes used for our Oven Roasted Tomatoes and Green Chili Salsa are roasted for over 30 hours in a heat, air, and humidity controlled oven imparting a richness only that style of slow cooking can give them. Your first and last impression of Terra Verde Farms' foods is the taste of ripe fruit or fresh vegetables.

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Terra Verde Farms
Phoenix Arizona
United States 85016
(602) 920-1152

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