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...........For Standard and non Standard Libraries, header files, portability, backward compatibility and obsolete things, before you start the Journey and do the compiling, please read Module 23: Namespaces mainly Section 23.3 to get the big picture, so that you know how to do modification to any program examples you found in the books or internet domain to suit your compiler when required. At the beginning the code examples compiled using Borland C++ 4.x , 5.x, then some compiled using Visual C++ 5.x and 6.x. In the latest updates, there are also C and C++ code examples compiled using Visual C++ 7.x / .Net , gcc (for C) and g++ (for C++ on Linux , Fedora ) examples are given at the end most of the Modules. Borland version 6.x and BuilderX also used for some of the examples but for simple programs these compilers quite 'heavy' lol! When teaching the graphic programming long time ago, Tenouk used the classic Borland Turbo C++ . ........

During the preparation of these notes, OSes used dominated by Windows OS starting from Windows 98/SE, 2000 Server, 2000 Pro, Xp and Finally Linux / Fedora. The machines used were desktops, servers and notebooks. In the latest update, gcc, g++ and gdb pages for their commands and options also included.

It is targeted for beginner, intermediate and advanced (general) programmers. This Tutorial is design for dummies and result oriented, by working program examples and experiments, not by definition. At the end, its extra purpose is to abandon your reference books and lecturers.

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