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Kevin Rose: The Users shouldn't be paid... but I'll take $60M* — You gotta love it: Kevin Rose says users shouldn't be paid even though 30% of the front page stories come from the top 10 users on DIGG. Congrats on the cover of BusinessWeek Kevin, but be careful counting those chickens before they hatch …

Don't believe BusinessWeek's bubble-math — This week's BusinessWeek cover story features a beaming Kevin Rose from Digg. Across his chest it says "How this kid made $60 million in 18 months." Wow, now that sounds like a great success story. — Too bad it's a blatent lie. BusinessWeek knows it.

BW: OMG, Like, Totally, Digg — In what has to be the most fisk-worthy Web 2.0 story ever written, BW does a cover story about Digg's founder and other young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. The problem is not the subject, Digg, and the founder/team, who deserve credit for what they have created …

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