is a sales force that provides magazine advertisements



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Our sales teams consist of independently contracted individuals from all over North America. These young adults are enrolled in two contests in which cash prizes and trips are awarded to those who achieve their goals. Each independent contractor is enrolled in the National Cash Award contest. This contest is non-competitive, and each independent contractor that earns 20,000 points is awarded $1000 in cash. In addition to this contest is a competitive contest in which independent contractors throughout the country compete to win a trip to one of several exotic destinations. In addition to these contests, the independent contractors earn commissions on their sales. This money can be used by the independent contractors for any purpose they wish. Many of these people use the money that they earn to further their education or to open their own business. By purchasing a subscription from Team Xtreme, you are helping young people to achieve their goals and to better their life. If you have any questions about our sales team, please feel free to contact us at
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