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Advertises Property, House & Land, Apartments, Developer & Interior, Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services, Indonesian Folklore etc.

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 	tb512aboutus.jpgProperty House For Sale, Land, Apartments etc.
 	tb512aboutus.jpgSarana Niaga Developer & Interior
 	tb512aboutus.jpgMansur Ishak SH Notaries & PPAT
 	tb512aboutus.jpgARLET Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services
 	tb512aboutus.jpgCDI Flash Booster Your Car Engine
 	tb512aboutus.jpgWinry The Cutie Shop & Equine Gallery
 	tb512aboutus.jpgErwin Accounting & English Trainings
 	tb512aboutus.jpgIbu Neng Antique Gallery
 	tb512aboutus.jpgDharma Flowers & Fruits Nursery, Fresh Fruits
 	tb512aboutus.jpgExcel Macros For Beginners


Tebet Barat 5 No. 12

Jakarta Selatan 12810



Safri Ishak



Welcome to www.tb512.com

image398.jpgmy Best Business Resources

www.TB512.com was created as facility to learn how to develop a website, TB512property has been developed as a pilot project which consisted of advertising regarding house, shop, townhouse, apartment and land for sale etc.

TB512 is a logo of Tebet Barat 5 No 12 South Jakarta, Indonesia 12810 which is the address of my home as well as my virtual office Safri Ishak telephone +62218296762 or mobile phone +6281511401617.

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