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TaxHawk provides online tax preparation & e-filing for everyone in the United States. If you make less than $20,000 you can file your federal and state taxes completely free. If you make more than that you only pay $12.95 for your state return (Your federal return is always free).
You can open an account and try TaxHawk absolutely free. You only pay a filing fee when you complete your federal income taxes and are ready to either print your tax return or e-file it directly with the IRS. There are never any hidden fees when you use TaxHawk.
TaxHawk was founded in 2001 and provides direct e-filing to the IRS and state departments of revenue. Millions of tax returns have been filed securely online.
The easy step-by-step process makes filing your taxes simple. The forms you need are automatically filled out and error checked. The accuracy of your tax return is guaranteed with TaxHawk.
We guarantee the accuracy of our tax calculations. If you are assessed an IRS or state penalty due to a calculation error in our software, we will pay the interest and penalties. supports income, deductions, and credits. All of the common income tax forms (like W2, 1099, & Schedule E) are supported. Common deductions include home deductions, student loans/expenses, IRA deductions and more.

Authorized IRS E-File Provider

Over 90 million people e-filed their taxes online in 2008, and that number grows substantially every year. At Taxhawk you can e-file tax returns free. E-filing is better than sending paper copies to the IRS. Tax payers that e-file and use direct deposit can receive their refund in as little as 8 days. Errors and calculation problems are virtually non-existent with e-file and online tax prep. TaxHawk has e-filed millions of returns to the IRS as an authorized e-file provider.

Security & Privacy

Tax filing online requires state of the art security to protect your information. TaxHawk uses 'bank quality' encryption and security on all information entered on the website. Partnerships with leading online security companies ensure your data is protected. Your information is safe with Please visit our Privacy Policy and our Securty Statement to learn more.


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