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Scottish Tartans Authority

The Scottish Tartans Authority is a registered charity organization in Scotland, created in 1996 by Scotland's leading weavers and Tartan retailers. The Scottish Tartan Authority is a registered Scottish Charity whose primary objective is the promotion of knowledge about Scottish Tartans, their origins, manufacture, use, history and development. Furthermore, they study, record information, and facilitate research about Scottish Tartans.

The Scottish Tartan Authority maintains the International Tartan Index and in doing so offers a free dependable, documented, resource for all known historical Scottish tartans.

The International Association of Tartan Studies (IATA) and the Tartan Educational and Cultural Association (TECA) both have representatives on the Scottish Tartan Authority's Board of Governors.

What is a Tartan?

A tartan or tartan pattern, is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bars in different colors. Tartans are typically associated with Scotland as Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns.

In modern times, tartan patterns and colors are used to distinguish the various Scottish Clans and thier families or septs.

Examples of Tartans

Here is an example of the Scottish clan tartan
Modern Clan MacTavish Tartan
of Clan MacTavish (ClanMacTavish.org, official website)

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This site has a absolutely huge amount of information available on the tartans of the world.

Recently they have added the "Tartan Ferret" which is a search facility which can find most of the tartans in the world and give you a look at them.

Well worth a visit.

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