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TAPCO specializes in U.S. Made compliance parts for military rifles, as well as military collectibles, foreign and domestic surplus items, magazines, bayonets, optics, mounts, books and manuals, survival items, and cleaning and gunsmithing items. We even have some antique rifles every now and then.

To serve our customers better than the competition serves theirs. To sell the fun stuff. To enjoy our work as much as we enjoy our personal lives. To encourage folks to pay attention to current legislation and our government, since the products we sell are pretty much determined by whoever’s in office.

Buddie and Meg Daniel first started TAPCO in an enclosed 1-car garage in a rental home in Smyrna, Georgia in 1987. Soon thereafter they expanded into a 2-car garage when they moved to their first home. As the company grew, they moved it into the finished basement. When the UPS truck got stuck in their front yard, the Daniels knew it was time to find a better place for the business. After renting a small commercial space in Smyrna for a few years, TAPCO moved into its very own commercial building in Kennesaw, Georgia, about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta, and we’re currently scouting for another piece of land for a larger warehouse.

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