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Traditional entertainment centers for residential applications are on sale just about everywhere, but TV stands for business not so easy to find…until now! sells LCD monitor racks that are designed to endure professional environments. They are usually employed in locations, like retail stores, trade shows, restaurants & bars, hotel lobbies, and other commercial venues. In fact, the wide range of uses is likely infinite. But more importantly, these stands will mount any flat panel display, including LED, LCD, and plasma televisions. Luckily for shoppers, finding the right TV stand is made simple with the comprehensive online catalog. Customers can choose from: basic floor stands, work stations, digital signage kits, portable stands, mounting brackets, and a variety of useful accessories.


Basic Stands

Basic models make up the majority of the collection and are broken into several categories based on screen width. The smallest TV stands are suited for 12” to 22” monitors. Medium options will accommodate 23” to 31” screens. Large floor stands handle the most common TV sizes, ranging from 32” to 42” wide. Extra large TV stands fit commercial-grade monitors and other flat panel displays that measure from 42” to 72”. “Basic stands” is a bit of a misnomer, as many of these choices can be outfitted with shelving, literature trays, wheels, and graphic holders.


Work Stations

Work stations are among the most popular professional TV stands. These models are designed to withstand fast-paced atmospheres. Many businesses and companies are now using LCD televisions for video-conferences. Hospitals and other medical facilities often take advantage with units that include shelving for extra work space. In addition, physicians, surgeons, and doctors explain complicated procedures or the details of conditions to clients. Most of these options feature rolling casters, so mobility within a centralized location is effortless. Professionals enjoy being able to use work stations in more than one location, as it allows them to save money.

Digital Signage Kits


Digital signage packages are total advertising solutions. These bundles incorporate either a free-standing mount or one of the wall brackets, which holds the included commercial-rated LCD monitor. These professional-grade monitors are available in several sizes, and each one features a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. The built-in cooling systems even allow them to be run continuously. A multimedia player is also included with each set, so users can control slideshows, video clips, as well as any other televised content. Developing a fresh and innovative advertising strategy is easier than you think with a digital signage kit.


Portable Stands

TVStandsForBusiness also supplies portable stands. These knockdown displays are perfect for merchandising and marketing at locations, like conventions, trade expos, and other vendor events. Portable models feature collapsible designs that are erected and disassembled with little effort. The breakdown configurations allow for easy transportation to and from venues. These units also include compact travel cases. Some customers are concerned that collapsible TV stands do not securely support bulky flat panel monitors; however, the aluminum truss construction has been proven to accommodate even the heaviest of screens. There are even models that hold two monitors at once.

Wall & Ceiling Brackets


Mounting brackets come in wall, ceiling, and desktop styles to allow users to take advantage their surroundings while saving space. These brackets are durable and will securely fasten many sizes of televisions. In addition, most of the units offer adjustable features. There are tons of options that tilt, pan, extend, or do a combination of all three, which allows the user to set the display to the optimal angle. Comfortable viewing is important in any application, which is why proper installation is crucial. Each model is shipped with the necessary mounting hardware as well as instructions. Like every TV stand for sale in the catalog, these mounts feature VESA compatible brackets.



Accessories and other TV stand peripherals add functionality to existing monitor racks and televisions. There are a variety of helpful items, including CPU carts, locking laptop drawers, additional shelving, and rolling cases. No matter what your business may be, these add-ons will enable a complete display. When battling for new customers at a convention, informing colleagues at a meeting, or describing the particulars of medical procedures, it is vital to have the appropriate equipment!

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