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The TV IV is a wiki that serves up an extensive database of information about television shows. They present an open encyclopedia, with episode guides, information on actors and characters, and more that anyone can edit.


The TV IV contains a vast amount of information about classic and modern TV. Because it's being updated constantly, the modern information generally is more complete and accurate, but that doesn't mean that obscure shows and pilot episodes can't be found.

Generally, The TV IV offers some information about the show (actors, season guides, etc.), but where they really shine is with episode guides. A typical episode article will contain:

  • Plot overview
  • Effect of episode on the series as a whole (if it does):
    • Main story arcs
    • Happenings
    • Characters
    • Other referbacks
  • Trivia
  • Behind the scenes info
  • Quotes
  • Reviews

Spoilers Abound

By it's nature, The TV IV contains information about episodes that viewers might not have scene or even (in some cases) episodes that have yet to air. As such, certain information might be labeled as "spoilers" for information about events or characters that die-hard viewers of the show might want to wait to see unfolded in the episode.

Anyone SHOULD Edit

Of course, the value of a wiki can't be underestimated here. The TV IV is based on the collective knowledge of it's community, and they openly ask for visitors to register and add constructive content (info, quotes, trivia) about their favorite shows. Scam

Unfortunately for The TV IV, another site has squatted the domain name Making matter worse (and just plain confusing to people looking for The TV IV), this other site has replicated The TV IV logo (or a slight alteration of it) and created a home page that also looks a lot like The TV IV.

This other site is a scam, asking for members to pay for a service allowing them to download from an archive of TV shows.

The TV IV does not own this site, and has repeatedly asked to have this taken down.

Read more about the scam



Community Reviews

I hate TV

TV is a total waste of time and is used as a mind control device to destroy what's left of family values and to further distract people from what's really important to the future of mankind. The CIA controlled media is now the main tool of the corrupt US government to foment unending wars for Israel.
  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 29, 2007, 5:06 am

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