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With an increasing number of TV channels and programs coming into our homes each day, it can be hard for parents to monitor what their children are watching. Many parents are concerned about their young children watching programs with content that's more suitable for older children or adults.

That's why the television industry designed a TV ratings system to give parents more information about the content and age-appropriateness of TV programs. These ratings, called the TV Parental Guidelines, are modeled after the familiar movie ratings which parents have known and valued for nearly 30 years. They are designed to be simple to use, easy to understand and handy to find. The Guidelines apply to all television programs, including those directed specifically to young children. Sports and news shows will not carry the Guidelines.

The TV Parental Guidelines can be used in conjunction with the V-Chip - a device built into most newer television sets - to allow parents to block out programs they don't want their children to see. The V-Chip electronically reads television-programming ratings and allows parents to block programs they believe are unsuitable for their children.

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