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When Death Arrives what are people searching for Online?

Sysoon™, the largest online memorial website, is the most comprehensive funeral industry directory and an invaluable source of genealogical information. Sysoon™ is the global leading online provider of all news on the funeral industry. It offers more than 120 million death records for free and operates in 72 countries worldwide, working with thousands of organizations that represent millions of people. You can become a member, create a memorial, submit data, links to another memorial website, add flowers or photos and search our database at no charge.

Largest online source of deceased

More than 100 million death records worldwide are available online for free.

Online Search for Social security numbers for Free

Sysoon bring search for more than 100 million deceased's social security numbers for Free. This function help to prevent fraud and the identity theft. Given the growing problem of identity theft and the importance of the Social Security number as a personal identifier in the United States, it might seem unusual that these identifiers are released publicly. However, because the documents held by the Social Security Administration are government records, it is required to make the information public under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and is used to prevent fraud so that no one can steal the identity of a dead person, and take out a credit card or a bank loan in a dead person's name.

How to Prevent Identity Theft of the Deceased?

Identity theft: It can happen to anyone, living or dead. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime worldwide. Your identity does not automatically die with you. Identity thieves used the name and Social Security number of someone who is dead to open thousands of new bank and credit card accounts. In the United states, Ninety days after someone dies, their Social Security number is public information.

International cooperation and services

Sysoon™ International works closely along side several affiliates and through selected agency partners worldwide. Sysoon™ is a leading global provider of professional services and advice present in over 70 countries worldwide and works with thousands of organizations representing millions of people.

The best guide to find

  • Death records -- deceased people, biography, pictures, diagnoses
  • Products -- funeral equipment, caskets, urns, supplies
  • Services -- funeral homes and churches, crematories, cemeteries, transport, flowers, printing, death planning, death insurances
  • News -- news related to funeral industry, catastrophes, accidents, recently deceased people
  • Glossary -- funeral rituals, facts, definitions
  • Projects -- cemetery restorations and maintenance, charity, custom projects

Founder and CEO


Martin Dano is developer, inventor, computer specialist and web producer. CEO and Founder of Sysoon Sarl France / Sysoon Inc. USA / Sysoon Sro Slovakia. Martin was born in 1976 in Humenne, a small city situated in eastern Slovakia. In 2003 he moved to Paris, France, were he still lives. Martin is the author of many innovatory practices in data processing and Internet systems. He is dedicated to research and development in information technology and software development and his latest invention is a web application framework developed and marketed by Sysoon Inc. and implemented in many quality websites across the world. Martin Dano built one of the largest online death & obituaries records database and the international standards for Virtual Cemeteries and Online Memorials.


Sysoon™ Inc. (United States)
14 Wall Street, 20th fl
10005 New York • NY • USA
Tel.: +1-877-7-SYSOON
Tel.: +1-877-779-7666
Sysoon™ Sarl (France)
141 avenue de Malakoff
75116 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 67 77 29
Sysoon™ Sro (Slovakia)
Lubinska 18
811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel.: +421 (0)2 33 00 65 84
Sysoon™ (United Kingdom)
Tel.: +44 (0)20 33 55 86 82
Sysoon™ (Austria)
Tel.: +43 (0)1 22 97 272
Sysoon™ (Czech republic)
Tel.: +420 2 26 25 38 27

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