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According to Forbes, Symantec is considered to be one of the Best Managed Companies In America. will provide you with useful services for your computer, including anti-virus software, programs, kits, etc. Symantec helps to ensure the security and safety of your information.

Learn About Threat Levels

When your computer is threatened by a virus, you must know how severe the situation is. On the left hand side of the main page of you will be able to read a guide to all the threat levels from 1 to 4, from low to extreme. On the left hand column of this site you will also find out about the latest threats or spyware and adware, using the threat explorer. Check out the advisories and discover the Microsoft XML Core Service XMLHTTP ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution Vulnerability level of risk, description and all there is to know about this.


Below the Advisory section, you can find out the most recent news from Symantec. Learn about the new products, anti-virus offers and more.

Home And Office

In the mid section of the main page, you will be able to fins the Symantec products and services for home and offices. Click on the option Help Me To Choose and you will get guidance from experts that will establish what is best for your computer. View all the products and you will get all the products set in categories. The Support section of this page will help you remove spyware and viruses, or enter discussions on different topics. Check out the Internet Threat Meter, which will show you the levels of risk of each application from your computer, and give you valuable advice on what to beware.

Small And Mid Sized Business, Enterprise Solutions

Learn what are the most recommended products for these categories. You can access them from the main page of The services are ranged is a clear manner, and you can click on the brochures, white papers, webcasts, certifications or if you want, you can learn more about each product in part. On the right hand side of these pages you will have some featured resources such as webcasts, customer success and recent news.

Buy Online

In case you have decided to get any of the Symantec products, you can make it simple, by purchasing them online. There are actually three online stores, each fitted to individual’s needs. Select the categories of products and the products you need to buy, or you can also renew or upgrade your existent services. Or you can easily do a quick search for the product you are looking for and you will get the results in just a few seconds. is a helpful website that contains products, info and tips that everyone could use to keep their computer and files safe, making you gain confidence in a connected world.


Symantec Corp
Cupertino CA
United States 95014
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World Headquarters
20330 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
Phone: +1 408 517 8000
Dublin, Ireland
Ballycoolin Business Park
Dublin 15
Phone: +353 1 803 5400
Fax: +353 1 820 4055
6 Battery Road
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Phone: +65 6239 2000
Fax: +65 623 2001
Tokyo, Japan
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1-11-44 Akasaka
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Phone: +81 3 5114 4000
Fax: +81 3 5114 4040

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