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SxCheck - STD Testing and Medication Service


SxCheck is not only the only STD testing service which allows people to book testing anywhere in the states online, it is also the only one which medically licensed doctors to medicate you if you are infected (so no visit to you personal doctor is required!).

SxCheck also provided patented methods of sharing results securely online, and using mobile phones.

This makes SxCheck ideal for:

-People who are interested in dating online (a great way to weed people out is to require test results, and by having yours, you can build trust and demonstrate a commitment to health)

-People who have had / are having affairs

Excerpted from the website:

The SxCheck team has decades of international experience managing Sexually Transmitted Infections in high risk populations. Founders of Adult Industry Medical (AIM), the Adult Entertainment industry's health care organization, are among the active partners in our company.
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