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Welcome to, the Global Headquarters for the Sport of Geocaching. This Web site includes access to geocaching related information, the Groundspeak Forums and such other services and sites as may be made available form time to time by Groundspeak Inc. (the “Site”) These Terms of Use form a legal agreement between the accountholder (“You”) and Groundspeak, Inc. (“Groundspeak”).

This Site contains general information about Groundspeak, its activities and its services. This Site also contains information about caches and related activities published to the Site by users like You. Groundspeak does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information available on this Site. You are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of any information available on this Site. Groundspeak disclaims responsibility for Your reliance on information at this Site in Section 9 below.

Groundspeak will use Your personally identifiable information collected in connection with this Site, including without limitation Your name, e-mail address, or other information unique to You (“Personally Identifiable Information”), in the following ways:

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