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This is my first stab at designing and creating a website, which was first uploaded on 15 July 2001. It now consists of 25 pages, approximately 5535 words and amounts to about 2.5 MB.

After buying loads of computer magazines, I decided to start by using NAMO Web Editor 4, which is a brilliant WYSIWYG program, that allows you to view and edit each page using either the edit option (like a word processor) or by accessing the HTML code directly. You can also view each page through your browser by selecting the preview tab, which is very useful.

Namo Web Editor contains loads of wizards and templates but I wanted to create something original, which as far as possible kept things clean and simple and predominantly used our club colours of green and white or yellow and green. I followed the convention of making any text that was connected to a hyperlink blue. This may sound easy but if you are colour blind it aint necessarily so! I gradually started tinkering with HTML code and now edit the pages using Notepad or MS Word. All the gizmos and graphics were sourced from various internet sites. I hope to add some sounds in the near future.

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