Survivor Harbour Island

Survivor Harbour Island


The EI Group


  • Nathan Kitchner
  • +61 2 9334 5555

Theme description

On the day of the launch, we had 53 working days until the end of the quarter. The EI Group is an organisation that is in the Human Resources sphere - Making Workplaces Exceptional. In Australia there has been a lot of changes to workplace laws recently, thus the Survivor theme - Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the competition.

We had daily Tribal Meeting to get everyone across each section of the business. We had Feed the Tribe - stocking the pipeline with potential Clients. Appease the Gods - rectifiying any client issues in a timely manner and Outwit, Outplay and Outlast by keeping ahead of the competition. If the employees kept up with the above and reached certain revenue targets our end of Quarter bash is on Shark Island in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Plently of food and drinks and games for all!

Planning and schedule

  • TEIG (The EI Group) Tribe Quarter 3 Targets
  1. One Tribe – One Vision (All Staff aligned to CPMS)
  2. Feed the Tribe (Meet Revenue Targets)
  3. Hunt and Gather (Stock the Pipeline)
  4. Appease the Gods (Keep Clients Happy)
  5. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast (Stay Ahead of the Game)
  • Tree Mail (Challenges)
  1. Attend Daily Tribal Council at 9.09am Info Here
  2. Participate in the Daily Tribal Challenges of – Feed the Tribe, Hunt & Gather, Appease the Gods and Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
  3. Nominate fellow TEIG Tribe Members for a Monthly TEIG Reward Idol
  4. Keep fellow TEIG Tribe Members happy by submitting TEIG Camp Improvement Ideas (Idea of the Week)
  5. Attend the Tribal Education and Challenge Days during January, February and March
  • What to know what you’re playing for?
  1. Individual Reward - 5000 PowerPoints per week and the Gluttony Idol are up for grabs to the Tribe Member with the Best Camp Suggestion of the Week (Gluttony Idol can be used at Friday Drinks, all other staff have to wait on the Gluttony Idol Holder)
  2. Monthly TEIG Reward Idol (Nominated by TEIG Tribe Members) – 16000 PowerPoints per month
  3. TEIG Tribe Member Reward Idol (From the Monthly TEIG Reward Idol Winners) – 40000 PowerPoints
  4. Survivor Harbour Island – When we have Outwitted, Outplayed and Outlast the competition. The reward is food, alcohol and good times. All TEIG Tribe will Travel to Shark Island where we will all spend the day relaxing and enjoying the surroundings (31 March 2008 - will post photo's after the day)
  • we use Power2Motivate ( to help run the rewards program and keep track of each staff members peer nominations and their points earnt working towards Tribe Member of the Month!

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