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Purpose: Late breaking show and contestant news, photos and spoilers about the reality based CBS television series "Survivor". Updates on previous Survivor contestants and events.

Disclaimer: This is not the official CBS Survivor Website. Survivor Fever is not authorized or connected with CBS, SEG or their affiliates or sponsors.

Who are we: The leading dedicated Internet resource for the unscripted CBS program, "Survivor". The site is published by Trish McLeod along with a group of loyal "Survivor" enthusiasts. We were all drawn to Survivor during its infancy, the first season - Survivor: Borneo. We saw it soar into a huge phenomenon and have remained enthusiastic viewers over the course of 9+ seasons. We enjoy bringing "Survivor" fans all the news that's fit to print, keeping up with all your favorite contestants, past and present, but most of all, analyzing and discoursing upon each current season's episodes and contestant gameplay.

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