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The focus of is to publish informative articles, editorial and news to keep the audiophile enthusiast appraised of new technologies and reviews of the sound quality of multichannel music released in disc format. Our mission is to educate the readers as to component selection and system setup considerations that are aimed at a home listening experience that is "the best that it can be." Technical excellence in presentation is a primary concern. SurroundMusic is designed to inform and enlighten as it explores the world of multichannel discrete digital surround music delivered through the DVD, SACD and CD mediums. The site has an unprecedented collection of multichannel discs in a database with over 50 different searchable fields.

Launched in 1992, Widescreen Review magazine and Webzine is published by WSR Publishing, Inc., an independent publisher. Renowned throughout the world of enthusiast home theatre technology publications as "The Essential Home Theatre Resource™," WSR advocates a home theatre experience that is "the best that it can be." The monthly magazine is distibuted nationally and internationally and is sold on select specialty magazine racks or obtained by subscription. The Webzine, located at, currently handles over one million impressions per month, and is designed, administered, and served in-house.

Over the past eight years, Widescreen Review magazine has provided in-depth home theatre audio and video equipment editorial. A significant focus of the magazine has always been on audio presentation and setup for an optimal multichannel audio experience. With each monthly issue, WSR helps thousands create viewing environments in their homes that let them experience movies in high-resolution widescreen format with high fidelity surround sound the way the filmmakers want their work expressed.

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