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SUPERNANNY is a global television hit, reaching tens of millions of viewers in 37 countries around the world. A modern day Mary Poppins, SUPERNANNY has developed unique techniques for solving problem behaviour to help parents tame their troublesome kids.

Whatever their ages, parents and child carers rely on SUPERNANNY for her no nonsense, common sense advice. As trustworthy and loyal as a best friend - SUPERNANNY is always there to support, guide and encourage. Click ON TV and find out when the next episode of SUPERNANNY is on air near you!

In each show, SUPERNANNY observes how parents handle their day to day obstacles with their children. Once she has fully assessed them, she works with the parents introducing helpful props and instilling tried-and-trusted SUPERNANNY techniques to help transform their children's unruly behaviour. After demonstrating just how well the SUPERNANNY techniques and props work, the parents must then try them out on their own. For several days they try to implement the new techniques before SUPERNANNY returns to correct their mistakes and to teach new techniques to keep them all on track for the future.

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