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SuperBowl.gif is a great resource for the Super Bowl XLI, which is to be played on February 4, 2007. Any football fans will surely find something of use on the site, and have the chance to talk with other fans of the sport.’s main attraction is the huge amount of information it has. The entire season has been exhaustively documented up to the last games before the final one. All of the statistics you could possibly want are there, and they are all very helpful when looking at the prospective Super Bowl participants or trying to predict a winner. also has many different contests and promotional events, designed to hype up the game and get fans involved. This includes a Playoff Challenge, which is similar to Fantasy Football. Users get to pick NFL players who they think will do well, and the performance of these players will improve the user’s score.

Another popular feature of is the Auction section. Many different items are sold, including signed helmets and footballs. It’s a great way for fans to get something to mark their devotion to their favorite team. The best part is that all of the profit is donated to charity in order to help hurricane Katrina victims. also provides a radio service akin to that of It lets users tune in online and listen to some of the most important games in the season, as well as live coverage of the super bowl on the day that it happens. This service is entirely free, and is used by many people who don’t have access to a radio.

Besides donating money to charities, the NFL also has several programs designed to reach out to the community. The Super Bowl web site gives fans a chance to help out with some of these, or get in touch with a representative and find out ways to help out. This is something that has gained heavy praise for the NFL recently.

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