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Sugarrae aka Rae Hoffman – Never Mess With a Woman Who Can Pull Rank


The Sugarrae blog is the online home of SEO Consultant Rae Hoffman, known widely online by her handle, Sugarrae. The site features information about Rae, her SEO consulting services and various interviews she has done with prominent members of the search engine marketing community.

In the blog, Rae writes about various aspects of search engine marketing as well as random posts about general items. The Sugarrae blog widely known for its "rant style" posts with Rae Hoffman being known most for her brutally honest personality and blogging style.

Additional Information

The Sugarrae blog features a variety of different topic areas including affiliate marketing, blogging, general e-Business, e-Commerce, Facebook, general topics, SEO, traveling, link development, SEO conferences, SEO rants, small business SEO and twenty five must do things. The blog also has a guest blogging category that has included posts by top industry names over the last few years.

Sugarrae is no stranger to controversy with many of her posts landing in the limelight for their brutal honesty:

Her rant on Google and paid links
Her rant on SEO popularity contests
Her rant on Merchant Circle
Her rant on Shari Thurow
Her rant on being a woman in a male dominated field
Her rant on Annalee Newitz
Her rant on being an "SEO rockstar"

Additionally, the blog has also featured many posts that have offered insight and information to the industry on various topics while being infused with the honesty she is known for:

Tips on doing small business website SEO
The true meaning of unique content
Interviews of experts offering link development ideas
An explanation of why links are important to SEO
Ideas for using automation legitimately

Being a self admitted "career affiliate", Rae made headlines in the affiliate community for her post regarding the new age of affiliate marketing and writes numerous postings about Facebook, including breaking open the compare people application scandal and an explanation of the advertising tools available and how to utilize them to perform market research. Additionally, Rae is the author of the widely read and referred guide to Facebook.


Sugarrae, Inc.
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