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I am an internet marketing consultant and I love it. I do internet advertising consulting, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, text link purchases and oh so much more. This is my attempt at documenting some of what goes on in the wonderful world of Internet marketing with a bit of humor and sarcasm Yes, I am available to do internet marketing consulting with you on your website, NO I will not fix your computer (sorry, I’d probably do it more damage anyhow…run spyware search and destroy). I spend near obsessive amounts of time on, and , as well as many of the other great internet marketing forums and sites. Thanks to all the giants whose shoulders I’ve stood upon to see what’s goin’ on in the wonderful world of internet marketing. I’m lovin’ the view. I am also a moderator for the Professional Webmaster Business Issues Forum. Drop by and offer some of your web biz insight. You TOO can be an internet marketing consultant!

Me and the Paulie’s at OCC. Maybe I should find a picture where I’m NOT next to someone large huh?

I’m not sure when I actually got my first computer but it was definitely a TI-99. I remember playing lots of games and unknowingly programming some BASIC loops at a very young age (and my programming skills have only marginally increased since then). My uncle was a programmer at TI, so we got several great hand-me-downs.

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