The Hardwear Horseshoe cock ring (marketed as Hardwear) is a male enhancer designed and marketed by Strong Publications LLC. The Hardwear cock ring is named for its chief functionality, being a device that a man wears that makes his penis extraordinarily hard.

Hardwear was designed by a team of engineers who were also cock ring enthusiasts, who wanted to address the domain of known issues and concerns with existing cock ring designs by creating a superior mechanical male enhancer.


Breaking away from previous form factors in the art of constriction based male enhancement, Hardwear offers a patent pending two piece design, consisting of a (bondage\body jewelry inspired) horseshoe and a U shaped clip that interlock to form a union when worn upon the male genitalia.

The unique shape of the horseshoe, which includes a swale (a slight dip) at its top, promotes and supports the erection response in the male by applying sustained pressure against key areas of the penile anatomy chiefly the dorsal vein. In the case of attaining an erection, pressure in this area prompts an erection reflex in a majority of men. In the case of sustaining an erection that same pressure physically restricts venous outflow of blood.

When united with its clip component, Hardwear forms a united shape around the genitalia that create a powerful constriction of the penis to produce impressively larger, harder erections than the unaided penis can produce on its own.

Additionally other key pressure points are targeted by the device, in the interest of enhanced staying power, ejaculation control, and orgasm enhancement.


By design it is impossible to become trapped in Hardwear, as its two pieces can always be united and separated with ease. And thusly, the most common concern and risk with cock rings: the notion that a man might not be able to remove the cock ring after engorgement, is completely resolved with Hardwear’s two piece design.

Additionally, while ensuring a greater safety level, Hardwear’s two piece design allows the device to be worn as intensely as the wearer desires because of how easy it is to remove.


Hardwear is chiefly produced in fine metal alloys. As of this writing, Hardwear is available in…

Pewter\Sterling Silver (Liquid Metal) Bronze 100% Sterling Silver 14K Gold Platinum

  • All Hardwear metals are hypoallergenic.
  • Hardwear can also be produced in rigid non-metals such as plastics.


Farther utilizing the advantage of its two piece design, the Hardwear horseshoe features a set of black rings allowing its clip to be slid on at different heights (i.e. the clip can unite at different heights to fit with more or less tightness as desired by the wearer). This approach, which is very similar to sliding a pin into a weight stack at different height for more or less weight in a gymnasium, allows an remarkable degree of size customization within each Hardwear base size. Essentially every base size can be sized down a full base size in incremental steps.

Base Sizes

Hardwear is offered in a myriad of base sizes (each size offering a degree of adjustment within itself). The following diameter base sizes are currently available.

1.25” 1.50” 1.75” 2.00” 2.25” 2.50” 3.00”

Features at a glance

Quickest Erections: Hardwear helps men become hard faster. Biggest Erections: Hardwear helps men attain the largest erection personally possible. Erections Stay Hard: Even after orgasm many men find themselves still erect. Super Safe Design: See Safety section above for full details. Controls Ejaculation: Hardwear helps men delay ejaculation for prolonged sex. Super Intense Orgasm: Promotes more semen build-up, and more dynamic ejaculations. Bigger Bulge: Hardwear wears well underneath clothes, to enhance a man’s bulge.

Special Scenarios: Penis Pumping and Ball Pumping

Hardwear’s unique open horseshoe design, adjustability and myriad of sizes make it a superior cock ring design. Beyond ordinary usage scenarios, Hardwear excels in specialty applications such as the case of Penis and Testicular Vacuum Pumping.

In the case where a man with erection dysfunction uses a vacuum pump device to draw blood into his penis, Hardwear is an ideal cock ring to trap that blood in place. The Hardwear horseshoe can be slid onto the penis without even removing the vacuum cylinder, which is a remarkable fact in that men relying on the cylinder to produce engorgement no longer need to worry about the transition to a cock ring.

In the second case where a man uses a vacuum cylinder in the interest of pumping his penis and\or testicles up to enormous sizes, Hardwear’s design again make it ideal for post-pumping to help the pumped size last longer. Hardwear’s open horseshoe and two-piece design makes it the only metal cock ring appropriate in this application.

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