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Today’s scientists know that controversial topics such as intelligent design, stem cell research and mind-body medicine create more questions than they do answers about the human condition and the role science plays in improving it. Finding answers to these questions, however, can be difficult. is the Web site for Science & Theology News, the monthly, international newspaper reporting the cooperative relationship between science and religion. Let us help you navigate your way through this increasingly important dialogue.

We explore the intersection of science and religion with an openness to new ideas and an eye towards scientific rigor. We dissect the biggest topics of discussion — intelligent design, evolution, altruism, mind-body medicine, atheism — but we also analyze how science and religion interact in places you might not expect, from medical ethics to corporate social responsibility, from science-and-religion in popular culture to the dynamics of human relationships.

Founded in 2000 as Research News and Opportunities in Science & Theology and funded by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, Science & Theology News has a circulation of more than 17,000 and an audience of both national and international readers. continues to expand, thanks to our growing numbers of active, engaged readers.

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