- A modern summer camp in 6 California locations.


Steve and Kate's Camp: A Summer Camp for Kids in Marin and San Francisco


This just in: Each child is unique.

In 26 years, we've never met two children who are exactly alike. Maybe that's why we're advocates of individualized education and solutions. And why the program we've built welcomes each camper as a unique individual bursting with potential.

In contrast to camps that group children by grade and rotate them rigidly through activities, we free our campers to be themselves. We never require them to split from siblings, friends or their favorite counselor. Campers choose the activities they want and explore them in whatever depth appeals to them. They set their own pace of skill development. Ultimately, they're more engaged, more open to exploring new activities, more likely to really learn. Imagine learning everything with the same intensity you had when you learned to walk. That's the level of involvement we aim for each day at Steve and Kate's.


Steve and Kate's Camp, LLC
Mill Valley CA
United States 94942

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