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Gesture based language for man-machine communication needs some more grammar than "thumbs up", "move the objects", "steer the wheel" or "select and click" to become a replacement-option for a PC-keyboard. One way to do this, is developing a body-motion sign language, based on stenography. On one hand steno covers all the natural language, on the other hand it can easily embrace standard sign-languages as ASL. We are all invited to develop this language in the YouTube community and beyond. You might wish to Google for Stenomotion and Stenowiki. Fridemar

PS.: If you come from [1], where I posted the above comment, then you can refine the topic here, TheWikiWay. For further inspiration, you might wish to

  • watch some videos on Youtube, listed under "stenomotion":


  • visit [StenoWiki], where we can upload (English and German) stenoglyphes as svg-files.

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