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Stargate Connections Inc. - Internet solutions specialist since 1995


Stargate Connections is an Internet solutions company with a comprehensive approach to meeting business Internet needs. As specialists in Internet technology since 1995, we have extensive experience delivering a wide range of Internet solutions to corporate clients of all sizes.

Over the years we have expanded our services from Internet connectivity, custom Web design and Web hosting, to developing stable, reliable network infrastructures and deploying software applications over the Internet. Stargate Connections' services include:

Your data and network security is our top priority. Stargate Connections' state-of-the-art data centre meets or exceeds accepted industry standards and comes complete with physical and environmental security measures. Stringent security protocols ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to access the data centre, both physically and electronically. Our managed firewall solutions monitor network activity 24x7 and feature immediate, real-time response to security alerts.

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