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We are not Alone

Eons ago a starfaring race came to Earth, intending to help the humans with impending floods (caused by glacial melting). This first mission was intended to build a "beam station" that would allow faster ships to follow. But their ship crashed and they were stranded on Earth, minus many of the specialists and materials that were needed to accomplish that mission. The starfolk had "Landers", crafts capable of navigating the solar system, but not suitable for the light-years journey back to their home planet.

The starfolk started the arduous process of developing local technology to a level capable of building the beam station. To get sufficient manpower for this massive undertaking, the starfolk had to enlist the help of the humans. In exchange, the starfolk tried to improve the quality of life of the humans. They promised to take the humans with them to their home planet, described as "paradise". The humans revered the visitors as gods. Over time many of the starfolk intermarried with the humans.

The work progressed slowly. Supplies of fuel and materials ran out, and finally the last Lander exploded in midair, killing many of the starfolk. The humans viewed this as a fall of their gods and rejected the starfolk. Thus the humans turned from worship to persecution, forcing the starfolk to go into hiding. The starfolk were heartbroken over their losses and the broken promises to the humans.

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