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The Vision

We are one of the leading fantasy new age book and gift stores in the United States with a constantly growing selection of fantasy and new age merchandise to choose from.

By using the Wisdom Teachings of old we aim to enlighten people and help them to go within to find answers that lead to life improvement and understanding. This is accomplished by helping to align them on the physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual levels. We are also proud and grateful for the guest speakers, authors, and teachers that continue to offer their energy, wisdom, and insights to both our customers and the community.

Additionally, our personal staff of psychic readers and healers are some of the most professional, accurate, compassionate, honest, and ethical in this field. With a focus of always placing the client's best interest first, they create a truly positive, uplifting, insightful, and inspiring experience.

The History

Starchild has been in existence for over 14 years. It has survived both a fire and a hurricane and it is currently one of the oldest and longest running New Age stores and learning centers in Florida.

Here is a brief time line of Starchild's history.

· The Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies was founded in New York in 1983.

· In 1989 The Astrological Institute moved to Florida.

· Starchild New Age Gifts and Books was opened in July of 1995 and became home to her parent, The Astrological Institute.

· In 2005 The Astrological Institute split off from Starchild to become her own publishing company.

· Shortly after, the same year, Starchild New Age Gifts and Books changed its name to Starchild Institute.

· On July 1st 2008 Sandy Anastasi sold Starchild to the President and Owner of New Atlantis Rising Inc, John Culbertson.

Starchild has been host to numerous well known lecturers and speakers over the years, among them the gifted psychic medium John Edward, author Christopher Penczak, and psychic astrologer and channel Sandy Anastasi.





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