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Spreadshirt allows private individuals and commercial organizations to set up online merchandising quickly and easily and thereby enables them to benefit from their personal brands, respectively the popularity of their websites. Within a few minutes, users can create an online shop with customized merchandise and integrate it to their websites.

The only requirements for starting up a shop are an internet connection and graphic files for designs and logos. Spreadshirt takes care of the rest: from production, shipping, payment processing to customer services and all online tools necessary for selling merchandise online.

In addition, Spreadshirt offers the "Spreadshirt Designer" shop for anyone wanting to create their own shirt with the design and text of their choice. In just a few clicks, customers can design and order their customized apparel or gift.

The Spreadshirt Designer & An Example For A Spreadshirt Partner Shop

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Examples for Spreadshirts

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Facts and Figures

Over 300,000 internet users - from private individuals, companies, organizations, sports teams to bands and artists - have become Spreadshirt shop partners. They have access to over 80 merchandising articles available for customized printing.

Each week, about 30,000 new designs are submitted to the Spreadshirt platform.


In 2002, Spreadshirt was founded in Leipzig (Germany) without the use of external capital. Today, the company employs more than 250 people.

While maintaining its headquarters in Leipzig, Spreadshirt has opened up branch offices in Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands; and Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.

Since 2006, Europe´s biggest ongoing design-contest for t-shirts "laFraise" is part of Spreadshirt.

Executive Board

  • Jana Eggers (CEO)
  • Lukasz Gadowski
  • Matthias C. Spieß
  • Michael Petersen
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Rezzo Schlauch


  • OnlineStar 2006: Lukasz Gadowski received the Award for "Founder of the Year"
  • Red Herring 100 Europe Award 2006: Spreadshirt was included in the Top100-list of Europe´s most innovative enterprises
  • HP Business Innovation Award 2004

Customer Testimonials

Daniel (What The Folk):
"Sherry had never wanted to make any money from the website, but a couple of months ago I convinced her to add some very basic Google ads so that we could recoup something for the huge amount of time and effort that we both put in to keeping the site running (well, she does most of the work. I just tinker and facilitate her work here and there when required ;). We also started selling some What the Folk! tshirts, which have been a HUGE success.
We pondered getting tshirts printed locally and then shipping them ourselves, but the up front cost and the lack of flexibility didn’t make this sound very appealing. Instead, we went with Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt lets you upload your own designs and put them in your own online store. They then do all the work printing and shipping the shirts, before paying you a commission (that you set) at the end. All you have to do is attract people to the store to buy them.
Spreadshirt have been excellent, and not having to worry about stock levels, and having the flexibility to quickly create and change and add and remove designs is great.
I’m not even close to a designer, and my skills with Adobe Illustrator are way down at the Zero end of the spectrum, but I did manage, with the help of a good friend (who is at the complete other end of the design spectrum to me), to complete couple of designs."


Spreadshirt, Inc.
1572 Roseytown Road
PA 15601 (USA)


Phone: 1.877.202.0251

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