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Like many small businesses, SpiderGourmet began as an idea. We thought that this industry was suffering for a lack of intelligent and creative producers while at the same time being weighed down by a portion of haphazardly organized SEO companies that put far more emphasis on selling contracts than satisfying the needs of their clientelle. We firmly believe that web service providers like ourselves must first listen. Once we have listened and understood, then we can have a productive conversation with you about enhancing the presence of your business on the Internet.

The Services

Search Engine Optimization starts with the right keywords. Once our goals are set, strategy is developed appropriate for your website, industry competition and business profit model. Your strategy is implemented by experienced and professional web developers, copy writers and SEO support personnel. Your success is tracked by one of our company's principle partners and you receive reports on a regular basis stating your current search engine placement. For up to the minute traffic statistics, we recommend a service like Google analytics, which is free, or a paid service that we find more reliable. We focus our strategies and efforts on Google becuase success there earns you the best part of traffic from teh search engine that delivers 70% of traffic from search engines to expertly optimized websites. Your can be one of these!

SEO Success

We define success by reliable first page placement for competitive keywords that accurately represent your business solutions and can earn you the eyes of the customers you deserve. Clearly, the higher placement on the first page, the better! We do not provide guarantees, as that would amount to hubris. You won't find an overabundance of pride here. You will find experts ready to help you turn the Internet to your business advantage, so your next customer finds you instead of your competitors.

Answering Your SEO Questions

These questions are often asked of us, here are our answers

1. Can content be added from me? If so, how quickly can it be incorporated? Will incorporating it compromise the current rankings I enjoy?

We will welcome your content and also provide copywriting ... Read SEO Answer

2. Is your company willing to provide a 5 (or less) minute bi-weekly update on the progress being made and the future direction of our collective efforts?

Of course, the update you describe is what we do for most clients already... Read SEO Answer

3. Can an e-book that I have written be incorporated into the updated website, such that contact information, once captured, can produce an immediately downloadable set of instructions/advice to the prospect?

If you want to require visitors to provide contact information prior to downloading the e-book, ... Read SEO Answer

4. Do domain names that carry certain key terms assist in the actual rankings of those key terms if the domain names are used by the website?

Yes, provided those terms are good for your business ... Read SEO Answer

5. Can content updates and design changes be made without losing current rank status? Is it more feasible to use my current site to enhance, or create an entirely new site for construction and enhancement, while my current site remains untouched?

Yes, particularly if they are implemented by 3PRIME in expert SpiderGourmet style ... Read SEO Answer

6. Do you have a link system that will NOT compromise my standing with the search engines? Are you able to clean up current links that may be hindering my site's rankings?

Yes, our reciprocal linking practices are tempered by years of experience ... Read SEO Answer

7. Are you capable of creating a "Create a link" section on the site, where relevant but non-competitor sites can exchange links with us?

Yes, we have our own methods of building links that include ... Read SEO Answer

8. Are you willing to thoroughly review the sites of my competition to improve and enhance our own site, without in any way infringing upon the copyright protection of these sites?

Yes, in general we already know what methods deliver the most reliable results but ... Read SEO Answer

9. What can be done to improve my rankings on key terms that used to ranked at 1-3 and have now dipped to 5 and below?

We will ... Read SEO Answer

We look forward to working with you and answering the questions that keep you up at night!




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