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Domain Resolution

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The title of a web page appears in search results as the link to that page.
Your web page's title is:
Лоцман агентство недвижимости Москва агенство недвижимости в Москве купля продажа квартир московская риэлторская компания риэлторские услуги агентства недвижимости
Good This web page has a title tag.
Warning Best practices say your title should be 70 characters or less in length.

Meta Description

Search engines often use the meta description of a web page to describe it in search results.
Your web page's meta description is:
Московское агентство недвижимости Лоцман предлагает свои услуги на рынке недвижимости Москвы и Подмосковья. У нас лучшее качество обслуживания, индивидуальный подход к клиенту, минимальные проценты на сделки. Актуальная база объектов недвижимости поможет Вам выбрать лучший вариант по аренде квартиры, подобрать коммерческую недвижимость для Вашего бизнеса или купить продать недвижимость в Москве
Good This web page has a meta description.
Warning Best practices say your meta description should be between 150 and 160 characters in length. Yours is 740.


Headings, such as H1, H2, H3, etc, are important sentences or phrases on a web page that quickly and clearly tells people and search engines what they can expect to find there.
Problem This web page has no H1 heading tag. You should have one.

RVG.RU in search results

You can see below how Google and most other search engines will display this site's home page in search results. The title is used as the link to the page, and the meta description usually appears below the title.

Лоцман агентство недвижимости ...


Московское агентство недвижимости Лоцман предлагает свои услуги на рынке недвиж...

Sites You Link To

Outbound links tell search engines which websites you find valuable and relevant to your own site, and help your visitors find what they need; even if it's not on your site.
SiteNumber of links

Image Descriptions

Image descriptions, also called "alt text", are the best way to describe images to search engines and to visitors using screen readers.
Warning Some of the images don't have descriptions.


Your website's robots.txt file can tell search engines to ignore parts of your site.
Bot NameDescriptionResult
googlebotCrawler for the Google.com search engine. Allowed
bingbotCrawler for the Bing.com and Yahoo.com search engines. Allowed
baiduspiderCrawler for Baidu.com, the leading Chinese search engine. Allowed
yandexCrawler for Yandex.com, the leading search engine in Russia. Allowed
yandexbotCrawler for Yandex.com, the leading search engine in Russia. Allowed
sosospiderCrawler for Soso.com, a major Chinese search engine. Allowed
exabotCrawler for ExaLead, a major search engine in France. Allowed
sogou spiderCrawler for Sogou.com, a major search engine in China. Allowed

Canonical Url

This website can live at www.rvg.ru or rvg.ru. It's best for your site's visibility to live at just one URL, or web address. You'll want to create a 301 redirect to the URL you choose from the other URL.
Problem Your URL is not canonical.