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Southern Cloth Baby is a mother owned and operated business committed to offering quality diaper products and support to mothers who want to cloth diaper their baby.

I am a mother of 2 of the most adorable little boys. I have spent countless hours researching cloth diapers. My 2nd child (Casey) is allergic to the harmful chemical in disposable diapers and suffered chronic diaper rash while wearing them. In his newborn days of nursing I automatically assumed the culprit was something I was eating. I used every diaper cream you could imagine. Basically what I would do is coat him down with ointment to create a barrier between him and the diaper. Every doctor visit I had the doctor to look at it. The doctor never gave me any real answers as to why we were having so much diaper rash. As I look back I don't even think he noted it in his chart. Out of frustration I pinned a cloth diaper (one that I had always used as a burp cloth) on him to see if it would help with the diaper rash. A little note: Pinning a cloth diaper takes practice. He looked so cute laying on the changing table with his soft cloth diaper on, but when I stood him up the diaper slid down to his feet. Ha Ha.:) So. I repinned & repinned & repinned. Great news, by day 2 the diaper rash that he had since birth was completely GONE and I had the pinning down pat! We have been diaper rash free and in cloth ever since! OK.. now I have dirty diapers "How do I wash them?" This is when all my research started. In all my research I not only found how to wash them but that new designs meant I no longer had to use pins. Hurray for technology! I felt sure there were other babies like Casey; therefore, I gave birth to my 3rd child (Southern Cloth Baby). We personally use all of the products that Southern Cloth Baby offers. I do not believe in offering you something I would not put on my own baby. Please feel free to contact me with your cloth diapering questions. I am always happy to help you.

1st and most important I have to thank my customers. You ladies are the best customers any business owner could ask for. It is truly a pleasure to serve you.

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