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I am Nne Nne, the owner of Soul Planet Travel . Join one of our tours and make the most of your vacation days.

Have you been around the world? Or just planning your first vacation? Join us and not only have fun but learn about African history. The big tour companies can take you to the same places. Soul Planet Travel makes it personal. With us you are not just a confirmation number but a person with a history, eager to explore it.

You usually can get a better price through group travel .The term "safety in numbers" applies very well to group travel. As part of the travel group, you come to know the people you are traveling with and this helps to make being in unfamiliar surroundings much more comfortable and enjoyable.As part of a travel group, you find that you have much in common with your fellow travelers and, as you explore new sights and enjoy new experiences, you will find that sharing these moments with others helps to enhance your enjoyment. During your leisure time you can do your own thing or plan to do something with some of your group members . A great way to make new friends. As people share new experiences and sights over a few days, they often develop new bonds, many of which last for years.

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