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Bert is pictured on the USS Munsee with a fellow shipmate. He served four years in the Navy, during which time he made 26 roundtrips across the Pacific, transporting troops to Puson and Inchon, Korea. After his naval service, Bert had greater admiration for the American Pitbull Terrier's unique qualities of bravery, courage, loyalty, fortitude and honor. As the majority of American Pitbull Terrier owners believe, Bert Sorrells also sees the American Pitbull Terrier as the "All American" dog, reflecting the courage and dedication that are found in all of those who have worn the Uniform of the United States Military.

Wisdom is knowledge in use The learned lessons of the past create the future.

The one and only Bert "Buckshot" Sorrells has brought the Sorrells American Pitbull dogs to the legendary place in history they hold today. Bert, along with his son, has pioneered the Pitbull Terriers lineage, making these awesome, unique animals the legendary dogs they are. With these men working together, and a total of over 45 years of experience, the potential is limitless. You could say "It's in their blood." The Sorrells' Champion American pitbull terriers are the best, purest family in the world; all others are imitations and can in no way compare. Time and again, the Sorrells pitbull dogs have proven themselves in every way, in every type of competition: conformation, weight pull, schutzhund, hunting, you name it, they've done it! We wish to make one thing perfectly clear concerning some who claim to specialize in PURE Sorrells Dogs: A TRUE Sorrells dog can only be produced by the selective breeding of Bert Sorrells, or Bret Sorrells, his son who he’s been intensively mentoring for more than 30 years.

Bert Sorrells judging a 1970's American Dog Breeders Association competition.

The Sorrells' dogs have become the legendary, world-renowned dogs they are today through the selective breeding wisdom that Bert Sorrells earned and learned through 45 years of his own hard work, and not by attempting to copy someone else's achievements. Through 45 years of schooling, the insight he has gained into these awesome, unique dogs, cannot be duplicated by anyone. As with all things, Bert Sorrells learned some major lessons from making mistakes in the past, mistakes in choices and mistakes in association. If you are looking for the best of something, you go to the person responsible for making that something the best, not an associate or assistant. If you are looking for the best American Pitbull Terriers and you want a true Sorrells' Champion American Pitbull Terrier, you've come to the right place.. The American Pitbull Terrier is only as good as the man breeding and training them. Bert Sorrells' selective breeding has enhanced the qualities that make the Sorrells American Pitbull Terrier desired around the world. Their fierce, deep devotion, loyalty and people friendly temperament are like the pitbulls of old who were entrusted companions and protectors of the family.

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