has information about many software and operating systems.

Software & Operation System Web Site - SoftwareTipsPalace is launched in April 2006 and contains information's on numerous software and operation systems. delivers computer software and technology information on a daily basis: software reviews, software secrets, industry news, software guides, device drivers updates, and hundreds of software and operation system optimization tips available in our 'tips and tricks' section. offering the possibility to talk to other software users and learn some answers related to a particular software or operation system. Learn more about your favorite software or operation system with Tutorials and Guides, discover new software and web 2.0 technologies, and read latest news.

SoftwareTipsPalace Blogs & Forums Blogs is build on WordPress code engine and he is launched in January 2007. It's great place to find latest news and info about software and operation systems. It also covers some of interesting Tips and Tricks for Windows and Linux. To read and comment all available post you don't have to be member of blog. Blogs have same Environment as web site and it will not be hard for you to navigate trough out whole blog. On top of Blog is same navigation panel as on web site where you can navigate trough out main categories. Index page show latest 10 post with short description, to read some of these posts just click on her title and you will be moved on whole text. Blog also have right panel which contain important navigation buttons(blog sections, polls, blogroll, etc.). Forums is launched in October 2006. This is great place where you can communicate with other software developers and software users. Find answer on your problems and try to help others. Forums is Software and OS community which have Hundreds of members and their number is growing each day. Same as Blog, Forums environment is similar to web site except there is no top navigation panel with main categories. Forums contain his own navigation panel with 7 categories, when you are Login few more options is available. There is huge number of sections which you can choose to discuss; in Operation System section there are subsections: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Linux, Mac OS X, DOS, etc.; you can also discuss about Office programs, Dreamweaver, Web 2.0 technologies, Drivers, other software problems, and even about your hardware problems. Bottom of forums contain “Info Center” where you can see: Recent Posts, Forum Stats (number of members, name of latest member, etc.), how much Users is online, etc.

Available Web Site Sections

  • Software SpotLight - Software Reviews
  • How-To Features
  • Tech & Tests
  • Web 2.0
  • Software & Operating Systems Forums
  • Software & Operating Systems Blogs


Software Tips, Tweaks & Tricks

There is huge number of software on the market; each of them does have their special abilities and only one purpose, to help users in their work. But even if you are pro. with some specific software there are always new stuffs that you can learn. In Software Tips, Tweaks and Tricks section you can find hundreds of Tips, Tricks and Tweaks for your favorite software. Right know cover more than 10 most popular software’s but there number is increasing week by week. This is really great place to learn more about your software and discover some great functionality that you never know they exist.

Operation System Tips, Tweaks & Tricks offers you Tips, Tweaks & Tricks for all popular Operation Systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Only Windows section in separate in few sub section (WindowsVista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 95) and others like Linux and Mac OS X are not. This is great place to find thousand of Tips, Tweaks & Tricks for your favorite Operation System and discover more then you every know. All Tips, Tweaks & Tricks are very good explained and it will not be hard for you to understand them even if you are beginner.

How-To Features

This is really great place on where you can find a lot of How-To explanations. If you maybe use Windows XP and ask yourself "How-To do this" just point to this section and you can find answer on your problem. How-To Feature section is separated on few subsections: Windows How-To Features; Linux How-To Features; Software How-To Features, so you can very easily find answer on your question by browsing through categories. Right now there is small number of post but it is only because this section is very young (lunched in March 2007) but there number is increasing every day. One great feature about this section is that you can send your How-To Features and they will be publishing on their web site.

Tech & Tests

In this section on you can find all important news about OS, Software, Industry etc. and also you can find great Tests which are made by This section like all other section on their website will help you to understand much better your software or operation system. Section is launched in January 2007 and continues to be published weekly.

Web 2.0

This is newest section on web site launched in June 2007. The purpose of this section is to describe and review all software which can't work without internet connection (Google Earth, Yahoo Widgets, Skype, etc...) and also to review web sites which are based on web 2.0 "standards". This section also allows you to send your own review and descriptions which also could be publishing on web site.

Software SpotLight

This section was lunched July 10, 2007 and it is section where you can find our latest Software Reviews for all popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. All reviews are very good written and they will help you to learn more about any software. Most important fact about this section is that you can find selling links directly on our website so you do not need to look around the web to buy certain software.

Additional Information was launched in May 2006 and continues to be published daily.






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