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Softpedia is an online library of over 300,000 free and demo software downloads. SoftPedia offers application software, games, and drivers for use with Windows, Macintosh, Unix/Linux and even hand-held devices. SoftPedia also offers a wide variety of articles from science, technology and entertainment news.

Softpedia is 100% free and you do not even need to register to download software from them. However, registration is requested and there are optional services which will require you to register. By registering you can participate in the Softpedia discussion forum and post opinions and reviews on the SoftPedia site.

Softpedia uses a system of opinions and reviews to help users by being able to see what other’s who downloaded thought of the software. Softpedia also offers a general and a more advanced search option to allow the user to find just the right siftware for their specific needs. Both PC users and programmers can find a large selection of software to fit just about any need at Softpedia.

Softpedia allows software developers to directly submit their software to Softpedia to be available for download. This means that as a developer you can create software and market it, for free, through Softpedia.

Softpedia plays a large role within the software download industry. They provide a large assortment of software for download for multiple platforms and uses. Where other websites require you to jump through hoops to download, SoftPedia makes the download experience as simple and fast as possible.





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