Shepherds of Christ Ministries focuses on enriching the spiritual life of priests, religious and laity through a family of newsletters, books, tapes, and prayer networks. We are here to serve your spiritual needs!


About Shepherds of Christ Ministries

A primary purpose of the Shepherds of Christ movement is to distribute this newsletter to priests and to begin prayer chapters praying for the priests throughout the world in all their needs and praying for the renewal of the church and the world. A coequal purpose is to provide a spiritual way of life for people interested in the spiritual life.

Published for the first time in July, 1994, this newsletter marked the beginning of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. The English and Spanish newsletter goes to approximately 75,000 priests and 8,500 religious. Internationally, over 245 bishops and 4 cardinals have requested it for their diocese. Funds are needed to help us distribute the newsletter to 90 foreign countries in the world.

(1) Shepherds of Christ (was mailed approximately six times a year during Father Carter's life - 1994 to the year 2000 - the circulation has reach 75,000 priests. Father Carter has instructed us how to handle the Newsletter after his death).

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