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We're located in Daytona Beach, a wonderful area on Florida's East Coast. We boast with well-deserved smugness about our great weather and world-reknowned beach (sharks? what sharks?). Daytona also offers lots of yearly events such as Bike Week, Biketoberfest, and the Daytona 500 that attract hundreds of thousands of people. Want a little history of how we got here?

Most of this site could be considered my bookmarks and interests made public. The links and information you find here are mainly things that interest me. Might be a bit of information I saved because I was afraid it would be gone next time I needed it... maybe a web site I thought was informative, or even a web site that I thought was really cool. The site emphasis is on ASP and web development but other topics get quite a bit of action too. Check back often and you'll find many more links.

I realize that you could surf the net 7-24 and still miss a gazillion cool sites that I haven't seen. That's why there is a feature so you can add a URL you want to share. Because of porn sites using common words as domain names I check the site first to weed those out. Otherwise any site you add will be listed.

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