is based in India & creates equipment that is used for welding


Manufacturer of Power Saving Inverter Welding, Inverter Cutting, Heating, Gathering Equipements and Machines from India>Punjab>Ludhiana.


The company manufacture's Industrial Welding, Cutting, Heating and Gathering machinery in India>Punjab>Ludhiana. The whole products are:

1. Power Saving Inverter ARC, MMA ( Manual metal arc ) and Inverter Tig Welding machines 2. Welding machines and Welders = Mig, Tig, Spot, Projection, Butt , Stored energy and seam welding machines. 3. Gathering machines = Metal gathering pneumatic and metal gathering hydraulic. 4. Cutting Machines = Plasma cutting and Profile Machines. 5. Heating machines = Resistance heating ( U-bolt heater ) and Induction heating

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The web contains video of welding machines in running position. Also many useful catalogues, circuit diagrams of welding machines ,cutting machines, resistance heating machines and metal gathering machines. and some manuals of welding machines

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You can find very useful and special videos of industrial equipments in working mode. Brand name and Logo = SOHAL

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