is a cute cartoon & video community based in Santa Monica, CA




The Intermix Network is a leading network of more than 30 web sites providing more than 27 million US unique monthly visitors* with a compelling array of content. It’s also a permission-based marketing network providing more than 60 million subscribers with more than 35 email newsletters on topics such as entertainment news, animated toons and games.

In the diverse online world where users have a multitude of destination options available, Intermix Network has been able to create the world's leading network for shareable digital entertainment. With our network of more than 30 sites, we appeal to all demographic groups—young and old, male and female, technically savvy and technical beginners.

The basic building blocks of our entertainment network are free shareable digital experiences lasting from ten seconds to five minutes. Whether it's a flash animation game or a greeting card, an inspirational message or a humorous cartoon, we reinforce our value to our users every day. We encourage and facilitate the sharing of content with family and friends with our simple share-a-page referral engine. In this way, we take advantage of viral marketing to bring in new users.

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